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Average Salary for a Surgical Technician


Surgical technologists are needed for conducting successful surgery operations. They often anticipate the surgeon’s needs and demands quickly and efficiently while monitoring patient well-being and other aspects of operating room dynamics. Salary, education requirements and future job outlook are important when considering whether or not to invest in developing the skills a surgical technologist requires.

Salary Summary

The reported mean annual salary for surgical technologists in the U.S. is typically in a narrow range between 39.5 thousand dollars and 41.5 thousand. Of course, there is some deviation from these average values depending on location, experience, certification, training and salary negotiations. On the lower end, 33.9 thousand is typical for some surgical technologists. On the higher end, surgical technologists can command pay of about 50.4 thousand per year.

Education and Certification

Standards and requirements for surgical technologist certification are within the purview of the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. These requirements center around competing any of approved surgical technology programs at recognized schools. Experience and on-the-job training in a related line of work also help with the certification process. Classes and in-school training focus on understanding and using computer applications and instrumentation directly related to surgical technology job duties.

The time and money investment required for a surgical technologist degree and subsequent certification is relatively light. Surgical technology associates-degree programs are often sufficient for entry-level employment. Proper certification and experience quickly compound a surgical tech’s earning potential.

Medical technologists and medical assistants share some aspects of work that are similar in nature to what a surgical technologist is required to do. Thus, comparing these professions may give a better idea of comparable fields of work and the best fit for a prospective surgical technologist.
Job Outlook
Future career prospects are good. The demand side of the labor market for surgical technologists is overwhelmed by retiring baby-boomers that will require extensive medical care on a massive scale.
Work as surgical technologist remains a viable option for those who are quick and nimble with their hands, skilled in performing under operating room pressure and want to work at the forefront of patient care. Given the decent compensation and expected demand growth over the next ten years, surgical technologists can count on a fair amount of job security and advancement opportunities commensurate with relevant experience and education.