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Surgical Tech Requirements

Surgical technology is a growing field that provides individuals the opportunity to work in a medical setting and play a role in helping patients. Learn everything you need to know to become a surgical technologist including educational requirements what this career all entails. Educational Requirements for Surgical TechsSurgical technologists usually have post-secondary certificates or associate […]
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Surgical Tech Certification

There are many attractive reasons to become a surgical technologist, from the healthcare benefits to job stability. If you plan on becoming a surgical tech for the work perks or just pure passion, here is your all-in-one guide to achieving the career goal. Everyday WorkBefore diving into certification and prerequisites to becoming a surgical technologist, […]
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Accredited Surgical Tech Programs

Are you an individual who aspires to work in an operating room assisting surgeons as they do their medical procedures? Are you considering becoming a surgical technician but unsure where to start? The first step towards become a surgical tech is finding an accredited surgical tech program. Get all the important steps below. What is […]
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Surgical Tech Certification Exam

After months of studying and working in an actual hospital, you’ve almost completed your surgical technology training program. All that’s left now is to pass the certification exam so you can be certified and use the credential Certified Surgical Technician (CST). Students with degrees in surgical technology stand a better chance of being hired if […]
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