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Top Surgical Technician Schools in New York

Imagine yourself working at a job that’s challenging, interesting, and has great employment growth. You’ve just described the life of a surgical technologist and a surgeon. Surgical technologists need one to two years of postsecondary training however if you’re striving to become a surgeon, it is a long path to take and a lengthy process. You need to take up a pre-med course at an undergraduate school an then complete an additional four years of medical school, preferably registered nurses or study surgical technology before proceeding to medical school since studying nursing, surgical technology and medicine are in the same field. After finishing medical school, you proceed and finish 3-10 years of doctor residency and fellowship training. For students who are aspiring to be surgeons, it is a great advantage to have attended a Surgical Tech School.

A surgical tech’s main responsibility is to prepare the operating room for surgical procedures. They have the opportunity to experience operations that can prepare them for the future if they become surgeons. If working in NY as a surgeon appeals to you, read on and learn about surgery schools in New York after enrolling as students in any of these schools Surgical Technology schools.

Surgical Tech Schools in NY

Find Accredited Surgical Technician Schools in New York

If your career goal is to work as a surgeon in New York, the first step you’ll want to take is to a technology program for you to learn surgical procedures when performing in the operating room. After finishing this program, find an accredited surgery school in New York. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs indicates that there are about a dozen schools offering accredited surgeon programs throughout the state. These programs include courses related to surgeon experts, as well as classes in laboratory procedures. Topping off the program is clinical rotations.

How to Get Certified as a Surgical Technologist in New York

As per a recent New York law, anyone wishing to work as a surgeon must have certification from an accredited certifying organization. The two major organizations offering surgical certification are the National Board of Surgical Science and Surgical Assisting and the National Center for Competency Testing. The credentials you can earn are the Certified Surgery Specialist– Certified. To earn these certifications, you must pass an exam. The state also requires that a surgeon complete 15 hours of continuing education to maintain the certification. 

Salaries for Surgical Technicians in New York

Surgical Technologists’ earnings vary from state to state but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they approximately earn around $53,960 per year in New York. Labor Statistics in 2018 is faster than average with 12% growth in employment opportunities in New York. Salaries for surgeons in the state of New York vary from city to city as well. Experts working in the northern part of the state in the cities of Ithaca and Rochester earned $39,233 and $40,871, which are lower than the national average, while in southern cities like Brooklyn and Bronx are experiencing wages of $ 47,751 and $43,275 – wages that are above the national average.

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