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Surgery Tech Salary Trends on the Rise

<p>A surgical technologist provides support to surgical professionals and their team from the preparation of a surgical operation to its completion. Whether it be preparing tools and devices for a procedure or inventorying items in a department, these professionals perform vital healthcare services. Explore their daily responsibilities and career projections below, as they continue to become an essential asset in the field.<br /><br /></p><h2>Job Description</h2><p>Surgical technologists, also known as operating room technicians, work alongside a surgeon, surgical assistant, nurse, and anesthesiologist during surgical procedures. In the surgical team, one of its important members are the surgical techs. To become a surgical tech, one must earn a certificate or an associate’s degree in surgical technology. It takes about nine months to two years to become a surgical tech, depending on the program and state requirements. However, to become a certified surgical technologist, one must take a certification exam from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). Although not necessary, it will increase job prospects and gives high-paying surgical tech salary.</p><br /><p>Surgical technologist programs help students learn how to assist medical professionals and the different medical terminologies. The program includes certification and an associate’s degree program. Students entering the program hold a certification or a two-year degree in surgical technology. On-the-job training is necessary for this type of program.<br /><br /></p><h2>Duties of a Surgical Tech</h2><p>It is the job of surgical techs to prepare the operating room for surgery. As surgeons plan for the operation, it is the job of a <a href="">surgical technologist</a> to assemble and arrange types of equipment and material such as linens, saline, lights and suction machine as well as help prepare the patient the procedure. For example, they may help determine and administer anesthesia to a patient as all as prepare parts of the body for surgery. The technologist will also collaborate with the fellow surgery team members to ensure a seamless operation. Upon the completion of the surgery, the technologist assists in disposing of wastes as well as sterilizes materials for future used down the line. They also may help perform the dressing of an operated area on a patient to ensure a safe and fast recovery. Surgical techs may also have the duty of assisting in transporting the patient to the operating room.<br /><br /></p><h2>Prospects</h2><p>With more people needing health care services, demand and role of surgical technicians will continue to grow and evolve. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) sees a growth of 19 percent in the job prospects of surgical technologists, which exceeds the average job growth of 14 percent. This means approximately 17,700 new jobs should emerge in this industry by 2020. This is a promising trend for aspiring practitioners in the field. Necessary qualifications for a surgical technologist include a CPR certification. A non-graduate can also be hired as a trainee to complete the stipulated certification requirements.  Technicians may also boost job prospects by specializing in a surgical area, such as brain surgery and open-heart surgery.<br /><br /></p><h2>Salary of a Surgery Tech</h2><p>The salary of a surgery tech varies on the job experience, the state, the industry where they work, and more. Surgical technicians earn a healthy <a href="">salary</a> to enable them to provide a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. The BLS reports that the average surgical tech salary is $20.91 per hour or approximately $43,480 a year. This figure may rise to $50,500 in higher paying areas of the country. In contrast, the salary figure may fall as low as $34,560 per year in lower paying regions. This difference in pay scale varies by region of the country, with California being the highest paying state and Mississippi as the lowest paying one. Technologists with advanced education credentials have the background to command a higher salary package, as their skills and expertise are seen as having more value.</p>